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Visco edition with reference selection

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Visco-elastic mattress pad


to choose from in different variants


Both sides smooth with respect

Removable and washable to 60 ° C

Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers


Gel foam panel TYPE RG55


In different sizes to choose from.

Overall Height: about 5cm medium strength


Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers


Removable and washable

Gel foam panel TYPE RG55



Visco foam plates have a memory effect (memory-foam "), a shape memory polymer, have the property to the body of the match resting on them. This adaptation takes place in that heat causes the body sinking into the mattress, which provides back then delayed by the change in sleeping position only in the original form. This is based on the frequency of the change of sleep position, certain advantages


     * Very good ability to adapt to body contours and slats

     * Pressure sensitive body areas are more relieved than other mattresses

     * Absolute freedom from noise

     * Excellent point elasticity

     * With appropriate care for low susceptibility Milbenbefal

     * Memory effect

     * Anti-decubitus

     * Two side zipper & smooth with respect

       Double fabric 75% Cotton 25% Polyester

     * Lightweight and flexible handling

     * CFC-free

     * Bacteria and mold-resistant

     * Especially suitable for allergy sufferers

     * Environmentally friendly produced

     * Made with innovative cutting edge technology

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