Visco foam Pillow with Seiden cover

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Dibapur ® Viscoelastic pillows with silk reference


ca.40cm x 70cm x 14cm


Viscofoam RG60

Important info

The memory foam is pressure and dismissing Softig / soft


• sleeping comfortably through viscoelastic properties
• (memory effect or thermoelastic)
• for neck pain
• to improve sleep quality
• be customized to fit the body shape
• 100% Memory Foam
• suitable for a body weight of 40-160 KG
• Memory Foam is dust-and bacteria-free
• Made in Germany
• Confidence in Textiles textiles tested for harmful substances
• Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - Test no.

The cover is fitted with a zipper, so they can be removed easily and washed können.Viscoelastische pillow, or Visco pillow or cushion Viscose always beliebter.Gerade for many people with neck problems, these pillows are the most comfortable mattresses what the market to offer such.

The reacting to body heat and weight memory foam conforms exactly to the regions of the body and thus has pressure relieving properties, which are reflected in the absolute sleeping comfort.

Our customers tell us time and again that she is clearly on our viscoelastic pillows quiet and relaxed schlafen.Außerdem viscofoam dust u. Suitable bacteria-free, and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.

With this high quality processed pillow is Topqualität.Es is incompatible with goods from discounter or China to vergleichen.Dieses material a unique pressure relief, both at low and at high weight load.

When body heat and weight acting on the visco-foam, adapts to the foam, the pressure is distributed and pressure points are avoided. Status change the material will slowly return to its original position.

The effective pressure relief, especially to the "vulnerable areas" such as, hips, arms, shoulders and Nack, significantly improves Durchblutung.Alle cushions are equipped with an integrated protection against dust mites, mold and bacteria.










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